Immediately following switched, his body is black, looking to become covered with both armored plates or scales

Immediately following switched, his body is black, looking to become covered with both armored plates or scales

Just after losing his commonly to call home and you will surrendering themselves to help you Makima, Pochita takes control over Denji’s looks and you can shows the true Chainsaw Devil, completely losing his person understanding and allowing Pochita take over. Prior to the transformation, his intestines emerge from their stomach and you can wrap-around his neck, resembling a garment or a collar. He gains spikes with the their shoulders and also the straight back of their head, additionally the manage on the rear regarding their direct disappears. He gets larger and you will bulkier, imposing across the average peoples. Their possession separated within elbows, for each which have a couple of forearms armed with her Chainsaw Blades.


Denji is both brash and you may naive down to becoming struggling to have a formal studies and you may socialize because of traditions when you look at the really serious poverty. His identity happens regarding given that impolite and you may severe within the a close childish ways. not, he’s a good sense out-of sympathy for the others, prepared to save your self those who work in possibilities up to he may, demonstrating he is a type-hearted person even with his flaws. Whenever you are Denji doesn’t invariably contain the high cleverness, he could be with the capacity of brilliant ideas to remove Devils, such lights themselves on fire and utilizing the new light produced in order to deteriorate Santa claus enough to destroy their particular.

Once to be a public Shelter Devil Huntsman and you may rewarding their earliest need, Denji is actually not knowing out of exactly what the guy wants in life. Quite a few of Denji’s told you earliest means had been supported of the sexual interest, heading so far as to accept harmful objectives in return for some sort of sexual satisfaction. One particular instance is actually effect up Energy in exchange for preserving their particular cat, but not, he after understood and you will laments the satisfaction regarding including close acts was fleeting. Denji together with slots a worry you to his appearing insufficient empathy and you will connection once his sales is an indicator that he is shedding his sense of mankind.

When you find yourself transformed into their Hybrid means, Denji gets most ruthless, competitive, bloodthirsty and you can sadistic, launching their really deranged front side if you are facing most other Devils, to the point off enjoying destroying all of them. The guy and screens a lien significatif perverted and you can sarcastic spontaneity. The 1st time the guy transformed into his Hybrid function he discovered it witty which he you will definitely pay off his debt of the eliminating all Yakuza people have been turned zombies because of the efficacy of the new Zombie Devil. When you find yourself against the latest Eternity Devil he says one “the bloodstream choice particularly rodent however, taking it in front of the good young buck out of a good bitch suffering and you may perception frightened helps it be liking as delicious just like the an effective strawberry jam”, and you can considers themselves a genius to possess creating a “continuous action host” worthwhile an adequate amount of an excellent Nobel Prize. After, if Spear Crossbreed possess Denji pinned off, he bisects both himself therefore the crossbreed about him ahead of crawling off to your, cutting his direct out-of, and you may thanking your into restaurants while you are holding said lead.

He clings in order to Makima as a coping system, actually supposed as far as stating that his like to were to just be a meaningless dog, so he’d perhaps not be harm regarding dropping stuff and you can someone he treasured

While the tale progresses, it becomes even more evident one Denji was mentally damaged, and you may desperate to be like and start to become liked by people. Which backfired, since enjoying Stamina die try adequate to have your to surrender themselves so you’re able to Makima totally, basically removing their identification and you can state of mind. This is exactly still evident when Denji says to Kishibe he did not attempted to eliminate Makima, but rather feel one to together with her, allowing your in order to beat their unique.

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